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Pairs Heading


  • A fun warm-up.

  • Developing the correct technique of heading.


  • To improve their heading technique by setting and improving their record.


  • Go to Me & My Shadow .in the U8 Lesson Plan for the basic starting organization of this activity.

  • After each "shadowing" session throw in "pairs heading challenges" -

  • In pairs heading back and forth.

  • You can also use the activities from the Pairs Challenge in the U11 Plans.



  • Encourage them to use the upper part of the forehead to project the ball upwards.

  • Ask them to establish and then to try and beat their own record.

  • The activity will be the teacher. Let them enjoy the Challenge.


  • Set records for the number of times they can keep the ball going.

  • As they become better, change the rules – first they head, then they chest and volley, then they thigh control and volley. Ball must not touch the ground.

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