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Head Tennis Tournament


  • A fun, challenging round robin tournament.

  • Culminating in some sprint relays.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Organize Head Tennis courts as shown in the graphic above.

  • Consider joining up with another team who practice at the same time.

  • Select teams of 3 players.

  • Don't worry if there is an odd number (can have a team of two or four).

  • Try to ensure even numbers of teams so no one is waiting.

  • Play five minute games.

  • Teams work on a Round-Robin format.

  • See Head Tennis to establish the rules and scoring method.

  • At the end of the tournament consider (if time allows) having some sprint relays (see Relays).



  • As this is an end of session "free" play time, the coach merely organizes the tournament and lets the players play.


  • Not Applicable

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