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Red Light

Green Light


  • A fun warm-up game.

  • Teaches ball control and dribbling.


  • Not to get caught out on the Red Light, but also to get ahead of team-mates.


  • Players start on end line each with a ball.

  • The coach starts five yards in front of them. He turns so now his back is to the players and shouts "Green Light."

  • This is the signal for the players and the coach to move forward.

  • The coach will then shout "Red Light!" and turn quickly with the ball. If he catches anyone moving they must move back four paces.

  • When the coach gets to the end of the field and shouts "Red Light!" and turns, the winner is the player nearest to the end-line who is not moving and has the ball under control.

  • Then reverse the direction to start the next phase.



  • Encourage players to make short fast movements, with the ball under close control.

  • Advise them to keep an eye on the coach and their ball.

  • Encourage them to quickly put their foot on the ball on the "Red Light!" shout.


U7 Progressions

  • The coach leading the game makes his shouts and turns much faster to catch the children out. Remember not to be too severe. The players must experience success to learn and to enjoy.

  • Insist for one or two of the “runs” that they can only use the “other foot” both to dribble with and to stop the ball.

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