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Head Tennis


  • A fun game that greatly improves the touch on the ball, ball control and volleying.

  • Develops heading technique as well as heading accuracy and power.


  • To beat the other team.


  • Mark out a "court" as shown in the graphic.

  • Put in a net or improvise with string, benches, etc.

  • The initial service can be from within the courts (younger players) or from the back of the court (older players).

  • In the illustration shown, these are teenage players who can use more advanced rules.

  • Depending on the ability of the players, after the ball comes over the net they are allowed a maximum of two bounces before it must be played back over the net.

  • Later make it one bounce only (eventually no bounces).

  • If a ball goes outside the court the team that did not make the error wings the point.

  • Use Tennis, Table Tennis or Volleyball system of scoring.



  • Encourage good communication and support ("Mine!" "I'm here!").

  • Tell them to keep it simple and to get the ball over the net as soon as possible.

  • The head is the most predictable way of returning the service.

  • Encourage a player to stay close to the net when the ball is being returned, as they might need to head on a return or make a desperate volley chip if the ball is not making the net or is going out of play.

  • The game will be the best teacher; so don't feel compelled to stop it too much.


  • Depending on the success of the first Head Tennis session decide which rules are most appropriate for the Head Tennis Tournament later in the season, e.g., one bounce or two bounces.

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