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The Mixer


  • A warm-up activity to encourage accurate passing.

  • To develop One-Twos and good turns.


  • To get players ready for the next phase of the practice by encouraging accurate passing and good communication.


  • Everyone in a 30 x 30-yard square (depending on numbers).

  • If there are say 10 players, 7 have a ball and 3 do not.

    • The players with the ball can do a number of different passes/moves-

    • They can play a one-two wall pass.

    • Do a "take over" with a player without a ball.

    • Play to a player without the ball and go on an overlap run.

    • Or they can shout, "Turn!" and the player receiving the ball turns and keeps the ball.

  • This activity is very demanding so stop every two minutes and have a "Pairs Challenge."



  • Encourage players with the ball to look around to see who is available.

  • Good communication is essential so player receiving the ball knows what to do next, i.e., turn, play a one-two, delay to allow the overlap run to take place.


U11 Progressions

  • Keep a sharp eye on all players in terms of the quality of performance, as some can easily get lost in the “Mixer.”

U12 Progressions

  • Put a high emphasis on sharp turns.

  • Throw in some of your own ideas.

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