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2 by 4 Shooting


  • Developing the ability to make shooting positions.

  • To develop accurate shooting and power shooting from longer distances.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Two teams of six or two teams of four.

  • If there is a goal available use it, or improvise a goal with a penalty area.

  • 2 vs. 2 inside the area with two supporting players outside the area.

  • Offside rule applies.

  • Coach players into the two who can combine to penetrate and shoot.

  • Or they can play it back to one of the players on the outside for a first-time shot.

  • Players on outside must either shoot first time or they can control it and play back into the two inside the box (but cannot shoot on the second or third touch).

  • Defending team has a goalkeeper and two defenders.

  • After five serves in by the coach teams rotate. For instance, with six, defenders and goalkeepers change; two attackers inside the box take a rest; two outside move inside the box; two players who have been resting take up the outside the box positions.

  • With teams of four, similar rotation. The Golden Rule is equal time wherever possible in all the positions - goalkeeping, attacking and defending.

  • After everyone in the attacking team has been through both modes, change with defending team.

  • Coach may want to limit goals only counting below 6-feet (adult goals too high).



  • Encourage the two "box" attackers to work off one another.

  • Both must work hard to create space to receive the ball from the server or outside attackers.

  • Inside attackers must always be looking for rebounds off the goalkeeper, the post or a defender.

  • Outside attackers must help by good communication (e.g., "Here!" or "Turn!").

  • Defenders have to combine well together and give attackers little or no space.

  • They should use the offside law to allow them to push up and constrain the space for the attackers.


  • Stand alone activity for U12 Lesson Plans. Should be further progressed in U13’s and beyond.

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