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4 Goal Game - 6 v 6


  • To encourage On-the-ball composure of individual players.

  • Awareness of team-mates.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Area 40 x 40 yards.

  • Four goals are set-up by cones or markers five yards out from each corner. Goals are one yard wide.

  • The six players combine to score in any of the four goals.

  • They can only score through front of goal and may dribble or pass through goal and still maintain possession.

  • When ball goes out of play, re-start with either a throw-in or pass-in.

  • Teams can also score by getting five (or six) consecutive passes.

  • The challenge for the coach is to keep the score - and count the passes!

  • Remember that they can score through a goal and still keep the passing sequence going.



  • Encourage players to "switch" the play by passing as the defending players can quickly mark the four goals.

  • Encourage players to turn away with ball if one goal becomes "marked" by opponent.

  • Passing the ball will produce goals more readily than by scoring.


U11 Progressions

  • Game is progressed by increased numbers – 6, 7 to 8 – and increasing the size of the field.

  • Number of consecutive passes to score point is increased (4, 5 to 6).

  • 4-GOAL GAME 8 v 8

U12 Progressions

  • If they are comfortable in possession increase the number of successive passes for a point (5 to 6 to 7).

  • Make the field larger.

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