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2v1 Game


  • To encourage passing, dribbling and shooting where the attacking team has an extra player (2 vs. 1).

  • To teach defenders how to contain when outnumbered.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Make the goal four yards wide, and create a play area 25 yards by 15 yards.

  • Put in goal box 4-yards out from the goal line.

  • Several balls should be kept at the back of the goals.

  • Two teams of 4 (or 5 or 6).

  • Teams alternate as the defending and attacking team.

  • The attacking team has two attackers and no goalkeeper.

  • The defending team has one field player and a goalkeeper (who must stay in the goal box).

  • Start the game at the goal line with the lone defender outside the goal box.

  • Play continues until a goal is scored or the ball goes out of play or the defending goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands.

  • Encourage the shorthanded team to score if they gain possession, even though the other team has a manpower advantage, as there will be an empty net opportunity.

  • Restart the game at the other end, as the former defending team now becomes the attackers.

  • Use a rotation system that produces equal time both as a field player and a goalkeeper and equal time on and off the field.



  • Team with two outfield players

    • Encourage the player in possession to look at the two options - pass the ball or keep it.

    • Pass to teammate with pace and accuracy, and use teamwork to score.

    • For the player not in possession, support teammate by being visible.

  • Team with one outfield player

    • Works with the goalkeeper to deny shooting space.

    • If the lone field player intercepts or wins the ball he/she should look to dribble forward quickly to score.


U10 Progressions

  • This is a first-time, stand-alone activity and is not repeated in the U11 & U12, but you should consider substituting it for other activities as 2 vs. 1 attacking and defending situations are very important in soccer.

  • As they become familiar with the game the players will increase their own intensity.

  • Consider using the same game, but in a 3 vs. 2 format.

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