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5v5 Mini Soccer


  • To encourage good supporting play and use the width of the field.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Mark an area approximately 35 x 55 yards (1/4 of full-sized soccer field).

  • Improvise goals (or full-sized portable goals, if available).

  • If improvised goals, specify height under which goals are scored - coach is the judge of what is or is not a goal.

  • 10-yard line outside goal is for the handling area for the keepers.

  • No offside - otherwise normal rules.



  • When goalkeeper has the ball encourage players to spread and use width.

  • If necessary, stop the game and show the possibilities that are being ignored.

  • After losing ball, ask nearest defender to opponent with ball to be patient and hustle opponent to "buy" time until teammates recover.


  • Not Applicable

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