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Cow Dogs


  • To produce a fun, dribbling and 1 v 1 defending game.


  • Not to be caught by the Cow Dogs.


  • Mark an area 30 yards by 20 yards.

  • Players at one end with the ball must try to dribble to the other end without their ball being kicked out of the area by the Cow Dogs in the middle (Graphic A).

  • If a player's ball is kicked out they become a "Cow Patty" and have to sit or kneel in the area (Graphic A).

  • The "Cow Patties" can also kick the balls out, but only from a kneeling or better still, a "crab" position (Graphic B).

  • The one or two "winners" have the choice of whether they become a Cow Dog or not. The previous Cow Dogs become dribblers.



  • Dribblers must pick their time to make their runs forward and must use fakes, changes of pace and screening to retain possession.

  • Cow Dogs should "hunt" in pairs.


  • Cow Dogs is a fun game and does not require progressions as such, but you can make the field bigger, smaller.

  • Have more Cow Dogs, etc.

  • Always be aware of the safety factor.

  • If the field is too small there is the danger of collisions and therefore, injuries.

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