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Big Shot


  • To develop ability and willingness to shoot from central areas.

  • To develop an attitude of looking for half-chances and rebounds.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Mark area 25 x 18 yards, with halfway line.

  • Use portable or improvised goals with cones/poles.

  • If using regulation-sized goals (8-yards x 8-feet) allow goals only below head height.

  • Two goalkeepers, but everyone rotates through the goalkeeping position.

  • Goalkeepers cannot shoot

  • 4 vs. 1 (plus goalkeeper) in each half.

  • A goalkeeper starts by rolling ball to one of four players.

  • Four keep possession from the opponent while working to create a shooting position.

  • Shots can only be taken from within own half.

  • After shot the one advanced team player (the "Sniffer") looks for scoring opportunities from rebounds off the goalkeeper, defenders or goal posts.

  • Four players in possession may play back to their goalkeeper.

  • Rotate the "Sniffer" and goalkeepers every 3- or 4-minutes.



  • Encourage players to try a strike for goal.

  • Tell "Sniffer" to always gamble on possibility of a rebound.

  • Have defending players take up good positions to block shots (even though confined to their half).

  • Encourage goalkeeper to work at maintaining a view of the ball at all times.

  • Teach goalkeepers to make good decisions relative to the situation (e.g., whether to catch or deflect the ball into non-dangerous areas).

  • Encourage supporting play to give alternative for shot or pass.


U10 Progressions

  • Initially allow the game to help progress and develop the players without too much coach intervention.

U11 Progressions

  • If you are using these lesson plans for the first time refer to the Lesson Plans for the U10.

  • Can make the field slightly longer to encourage accurate long range shooting.

  • Or shorter, to test the goalkeepers.

U12 Progressions

  • If you are using these lesson plans for the first time refer to the Lesson Plans for the U10 and U11’s for ideas on progressions for the U12 age group.

  • Play 3 vs. 1 in each half and split into 3 teams (of 5 players - 3 + Sniffer and Keeper).

  • Scoring team stays in. Losers change with resting team. Ball starts with new team.

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