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Chip n' Dale


  • To develop in a 3 vs. 3 game attacking cooperation and chipping techniques.

  • To develop good collective defending positions relative to attackers.


  • To out hustle and outscore opposition.


  • Area 35 x 25 yards.

  • Mark 1/2 circle zone at ends.

  • 3 vs. 3, with team in possession attempting to chip ball into teammates' hands in zone.

  • To score, ball cannot bounce before reaching zone; ball must be caught by player in zone without catcher stepping outside.

  • Coach serves balls and changes players from zone to field every three to four minutes.



  • Attackers have to create angle or space to be able to chip successfully.

  • Passing/dribbling/faking are methods to create an opening for chipped "shot."

  • Defenders must send one man to hustle player with ball to prevent easy chip.

  • Other defenders must correctly support hustler to prevent pass, giving clear chance for attacker to chip.


U11 Progressions

  • This is progressed later in the U11 plans by Chip n’ Dale with Windows.

  • If they are not being successful, use the Inside Out- Chipping activity in a future session to enable them to master the chipping technique.

  • This progression from the standard Chip n’ Dale to the game with side windows encourages players to find space to receive the ball.

  • It also makes players seek space to receive the ball when a “window” is in possession.

U12 Progressions

  • This challenging practice should be continued when moving into U13 and beyond.

  • Increases in difficulty as numbers on a side are increased.

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