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Super Circle


  • A challenging center circle practice that develops accurate kicking.


  • Being the first pair to score the set target score.


  • Extend the center circle by 2, 3 or 4 yards or use marker disks to make a circle.

  • Each player on one side of the circle has a partner directly opposite.

  • If there is an odd number the coach joins in.

  • Each pair has one ball between them.

  • One player passes the ball towards his or her partner, but tries to knock over the cone in the center circle.

  • The partner retrieves the ball and returns the pass through the center circle, again trying to kick over a cone.

  • The ball must be passed from outside the circle.

  • Partners keep their score with the first pair to knock down the cone five times (or four; or three) being the winner.



  • Encourage the players to use pace as well as accuracy of pass.

  • Suggest they continue to kick towards the ball even after they have actually kicked (follow through).

  • Encourage them to approach the ball at a slight angle to the direction they are kicking (45 degrees).

  • Have at least one session where the players must use the "other" foot.


U10 & 11 Progressions

  • Can be progressively developed by making the circle bigger and the target smaller. For example make the target a single 6” marker disk.

  • Don't forget to include right and left footed only periods.

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