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Double Vision


  • To encourage attacking awareness and the switching of play.

  • To introduce defensive "zoning" and awareness of critical defending space.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Area 30 x 30 yards.

  • Four goals are set-up by cones or markers on the end line five yards from each corner. Goals are three yards wide.

  • Three or four players in possession combine to score in any of the two goals they are attacking.

  • Use two fields if you have big numbers. Or have three teams and 5-minute games. "Resting" team can play the Circle Game as they wait their turn.

  • When ball goes out of play, re-start with a pass-in (5-yards away rule for the opposition).



  • Encourage attacking players to "switch" the play.

  • Encourage players to turn away with ball if one goal becomes "marked" by opponent.

  • If nothing is on, passing and moving the ball with good support will unbalance the defending team.

  • Defending team will have to "zone" to eliminate the dangerous space if play is switched, yet still be available if the opposition concentrates its attack on just one of the goals.


  • Note Applicable

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