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Criss Cross


  • To produce a high-activity goalkeeping drill giving repeated practice in the basic techniques involved in diving at the feet of an attacker.


  • To build confidence and competence in diving at a player's feet.


  • A minimum of 5, maximum of 9 (use another station if 10 or more).

  • Players split into two facing files at marker cones set 15-20 yards apart.

  • The single-cone file act as the "servers," the two-cone file the "goalkeepers."

  • After each serve and each act of goalkeeping, the players criss-cross to the end of the opposite file.

  • Ball is rolled to side for diving- at-the-feet save.

  • After successfully collecting the ball, the keeper projects a short, sharp baseball-type throw aimed at the chest of the waiting server.



  • The goalkeeper goes for the ball as if in a game, but the server should take caution to avoid injury-threatening situations.

  • Coach should continually reinforce that the "Hands as the Leaders," and the "Open/Side Diving" considerations are maintained (see This Way/That Way).


U10 Progressions

  • This is a first time stand-alone activity and should be used according to the Criss-Cross page.

  • It is the progression from The Way/That Way and is used as an introduction to the opposed Submarining practice.

  • Can also be used to precede the Through Ball practice in the U12 Session Plans.

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