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Inside Out - One Two's


  • To develop good passing and receiving skills and to build awareness and vision.


  • To pass accurately and incisively.


  • Split group into two (does not matter if numbers are odd).

  • Depending on numbers mark 25 x 25-yard square.

  • Half of the group in the square; half spread evenly on the outside.

  • All players on the inside have a ball.

  • Inside players play a One-Two with an outside player.

  • Must then find another outside player to pass to other than the one they just received the pass from.

  • After one minute outside players change with the inside players.



  • Encourage players with the ball to look around to see who is available on the outside.

  • Players must play an accurate pass with good pace to enable the outside players to “wall” the return pass first time.

  • Encourage the outside “wall” player to play the return pass into the space the One-Two passer is moving into.

  • Tell players to continually be looking up and around to avoid two players both playing to an outside player at the same time (10 Push Ups for non-awareness!).

  • When they play the One-Two they should do so at speed (in the game the One-Two usually gets the player in behind a defender).

  • Encourage players on the outside without a ball to call for it with a specific name…”Kenny! Here!”


U11 Progressions

  • Throw in some of your own ideas.

  • Possibly combine it with Inside Out – Chipping and activities from the Mixer.

U12 Progressions

  • Same game U10/U11, but at U12 the quality in sharpness on the passing and lay offs should be of a much higher quality.

  • Insist on this (or at least, encourage it!!)

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