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Mack 1


  • To develop passing and shooting skills with both feet.

  • To teach the proper techniques for throw-ins.


  • Record results for future competition.


  • Two marker cones placed five yards in front of each sideline 15 yards from the goal.

  • No goalkeeper and goals may be narrowed.

  • First player on right does a "throw-in" to coach, who rolls ball for a first-time, right-footed shot.

  • Player retrieves ball then goes to back of the left line.

  • First player at left marker cone does the same exercise, but shooting with left foot, then retrieves ball and goes to back of the right line.



  • No goalkeeper, so players don't sacrifice accuracy for power and poor technique.

  • Encourage careful, accurate shooting.

  • For weaker players, roll ball closer to goal.

  • As all players improve, roll ball at 90-degree angle or greater, or move cones back to force a more powerful shot without losing accuracy.

  • Don't change practice conditions too soon. Each team should try beating its record.


U7 Progressions

  • Mack II is a progression from Mack I.

  • Vary the distance from goal. Initially make it easy so they experience success by rolling the ball towards the goal.

  • Condition the practice, e.g., must be controlled, set up and then and shot (three touch); or controlled and shot (two touch).

  • Make the service more difficult, e.g., a bouncing ball or an aerial ball lofted towards the shooter.

U9 Progressions

  • If you are using these lesson plans for the first time refer to the Lesson Plans earlier in U7.

  • Make sure the technique of the Throw-In is correct.

  • Also teach to Throw-In with both feet together (less predictable).

  • Increase the difficulty of the service and distance to goal for the shot on goal.

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