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Mack 2


  • To develop the skills of ball control while practicing the throw-in technique.

  • To encourage kicking with both feet.


  • To control the ball and to score; keeping results is optional.


  • Identical practice to Mack I, except every player must first control the ball before shooting. Shot must be left-footed from left, right-footed from right.

  • Coach can vary service to encourage different types of controlling touches:

  • Initial practices - roll ball for ground control.

  • Later, bounce or roll ball quickly at the incoming player to force quick decisions regarding the controlling surface.

  • Serve ball in the air for control with thigh, chest or foot.



  • The controlling touches can be affected with the foot or any part of the body except hands.

  • The shot must be with the right from the right, and with the left from the left. Therefore, control ball to the appropriate side to provide the correct angle for shot.

  • Cushion ball with part of body controlling the ball.

  • Encourage "two-touch" play - the first to control, the second to shoot - whenever possible, but don't make it compulsory.

  • This is a much more difficult exercise than Mack I, so initially allow players as many touches as they need before shooting with the right or left foot, whichever is required.


U7 Progressions

  • Mack II is a progression from Mack I.

  • Vary the distance from goal. Initially make it easy so they experience success by rolling the ball towards the goal.

  • Condition the practice, e.g., must be controlled, set up and then and shot (three touch); or controlled and shot (two touch).

  • Make the service more difficult, e.g., a bouncing ball or an aerial ball lofted towards the shooter.

U9 Progressions

  • Make sure the technique of the Throw-In is correct.

  • Also teach to Throw-In with both feet together (less predictable).

  • Increase the difficulty of the service and distance to goal for the shot on goal.

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