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One Forward - One Back


  • To teach every player how to jockey as a defender.


  • To perfect the technique of jockeying in One-on-One defending.


  • Split group into 4 (if uneven numbers have one or more groups of 5).

  • Put in marker lines 20 yards apart.

  • Start with three on one side and one (or two) on the other side.

  • In the three group, 1 player dribbles the ball across the area; the other jockeys back.

  • The jockeying player is not allowed to tackle or intercept the ball.

  • Dribbler moves the ball left and right and tries to go past the defender.

  • On reaching the other side, the dribbler plays the ball to the waiting player (or with 5 the front players) and then the dribbler becomes the defender on the return.

  • This continues for 6 - 8 minutes.



  • Encourage the defender to crouch low and at 45 degrees to the dribbler.

  • Not too close, nor too far away - touch tight to the dribbler.

  • Defender must not turn through 360 degrees.

  • Always has a view of the ball.

  • Dribbler must try to unbalance defender by faking and change of pace.


  • This is a stand along activity in the U12 Plans.

  • Should be used beyond U12 (as the players get into more competitive 11 vs. 11 play) to encourage good hustling/jockeying.

  • Increase the tempo and widen the area.

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