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Pairs Challenge


  • A fun warm-up that begins to challenge the players with fun skill pair activities.


  • To get everyone in the mood for the main part of the practice.


  • Go to Me & My Shadow .in the U8 Lesson Plan for the basic starting organization of this activity.

  • After each "shadowing" session throw in "pairs challenges" -

    • Without using the hands how long can you keep the ball in the air (Graphic #2) - count the number of times the ball is passed from one to the other.

    • Play "Nutmegs" (Graphic #4) - one partner stands with legs apart and the other plays the ball through the legs, runs around and plays through the legs from behind and so on. Coach sees how many in 20 seconds and then changes.

    • One-touch backwards and forwards (Graphic #3). How many passes before a mistake is made? Start from 3-yards and later move them back.

    • Same as above, but it must be alternate feet - left, right, left, right.

    • Keep Up as in Graphic #2, but you cannot use the head.

    • Keep Up as above, but you can only use the head (Graphic #1).



  • Highlight the best pairs and ask them to demonstrate.

  • Encourage the ones who are having difficulty by saying: "Enjoy the Challenge. Try to beat your own record.


  • Not Applicable

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