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  • To build up the realism of the technique involved when a goalkeeper dives at the feet of an incoming attacker. (see This Way/That Way).


  • To secure ball cleanly with good technique.


  • Use existing goal and penalty area when available - if not, improvise with cones and markers.

  • Try to keep to maximum of six players per practice group (two groups, one with the assistant coach working left and right if only one goal).

  • Coach acts as server and rolls balls to give a realistic service slightly in favour of goalkeeper.

  • Goalkeepers should start in correct position - covering near post just off the goal line. They cannot move until ball is rolled. Coach can throw or kick at goal if the keeper tries to "cheat."

  • Attacker is not allowed to kick ball or physically challenge for ball (to avoid injury risk).

  • Rotate from attacking to goalkeeping files.

  • After five to seven minutes, change angle of approach from right side of goal to left side (or change groups).



  • Goalkeepers should move to ball quickly with low crouching run.

  • Slide - don't dive! - to side-diving position. Don't swing the legs around before receiving the ball.

  • Hands should go to ball with the head covering near post, while body and legs are covering across the goal and the far post.

  • The hands are the "Protectors" as well as the "Collectors."

  • When diving, stay on the side - not stomach - with body parallel to goal line.

  • Once ball is secured - pull into body and wrap body around ball.


U9 Progressions

  • Do not allow this activity to progress too early into a truly opposed situation.

  • Consider the This Way/That Way as the warm-up activity.

  • Make sure the young goalkeepers are competent with the techniques required for going to the ball, i.e., hands forward of head (protection) and the body and legs covering the middle/far post of the goal.

U10 Progressions

  • The intensity and difficulty of this activity can be developed by the service from the Coach, i.e., more 50/50 balls, wide balls (always remember that safety of players is the prime consideration).

U11 & 12 Progressions

  • Activity is progressed into the Through Ball practice.

  • Consider using the Submarining as the warm-up to the Through Ball activity.

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