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Spin & Go


  • To work on good turns and accurate passing.

  • To develop disciplined defending.


  • Although this is more of a drill than a game, it cultivates excellent attacking and defending skills.


  • Groups of four (can make accommodations for fives).

  • Two outside the lines both with a ball.

  • Two in middle decide who is the attacker and who is the defender.

  • On signal from the coach the attacker must attempt to fake the defender and go for a ball from one side or the other.

  • Outside players must not play the ball unless they get a shout. "Yes!"

  • All passes are retuned to the player who passed the ball in.

  • All passes must be one-timed.

  • Defender is not allowed to challenge for the ball.

  • Coach keeps the time to maximum 15 seconds.

  • Players change with the outside players coming in and they change their roles each time they go in the middle.

  • 4 sessions (2 as attacker and 2 as defender) are sufficient.



  • Coach keeps strict time (stop watch).

  • Encourages the defender to stay "touch tight" and not to be faked.

  • Attacker tries to off-balance the defender by fakes, turns and change of pace.

  • Insist on high quality passing both from the servers and the attackers.


  • Not applicable.

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