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Square Pegs


  • To improve ball control (also known as "touch").

  • To practice and develop carefully weighted passes.


  • To win each "round" and to try to get to (or to stay at) King's Court.


  • Using markers/grids, organize six-yard squares six yards apart.

  • One player passes to partner in opposite square.

  • Organize squares to accommodate all players. If odd number, coach joins in.

  • For pass to count as "accurate" it must be along the ground and would pass out over the back line if the receiver let the ball run.

  • Start with maximum of three touches (one to control, one to set up the pass and the third to pass.

  • When they become better make it two touch.

  • Use the King's Court game system to make it a fun challenge for the players (see King's Court). 3- to 4-minute rounds.

  • Adjust size and distance of areas to ability of players.



  • To make it more difficult for your partner/opponent play the pass onto his/her weak foot.

  • A hard pass will make it more difficult to receive, but may be less accurate.

  • Receiver must be very alert and quickly moving into the line of the ball to improve chances of control.


U11 Progressions

  • Stand-alone activity for U11, which is progressed in U12 Lesson Plans with Square Pegs – Chipping.

  • By extending the distances and adjusting the squares can produce longer passes and/or lofted passes.

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