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Micro Soccer Jamboree


  • To create a Jamboree atmosphere.

  • Children just play without any coaching.


  • To enjoy the sheer fun of unadulterated soccer with plenty of opportunities to get touches of the ball and score goals.


  • Any number of players above 11 can create a Jamboree atmosphere. Consider joining up with another team who practice at the same time.

  • If less than 12 players, make up three teams (of 3 or 4 players). Have a second activity area (such as the Circle Game) as one team waits their turn to play.

  • With 12 or more put in two fields or more, depending on numbers.

  • With more than one field synchronize the play.

    • The time-keeper starts the game for everyone with a long whistle, and signals the end of the quarters and the end of the games.

    • One long blast signals the start of play.

    • A short blast signals the end of each quarter.

    • After the end of each quarter the substitutions/rotations take place and the game is recommenced as quickly as possible without a signal from the time-keeper.

    • Restart with an indirect free kick from the part of the field where the period ended with the kick taken by the team that was in possession.

    • A short blast, followed by a long blast signifies the end of the game at the conclusion of the fourth quarter.

    • Play 4-periods of two minutes.

  • Try not to have more than 4 players on a team.

  • With 4, at the end of each period, the sub becomes the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper moves out onto the field. One field player comes off.

  • After 4-periods each player will have played 3 quarters - once in goal and twice on the field. Use the same principle with 3 players or 5 players (equal time in goal and on the field).

  • Teams work on a Round-Robin format.



  • Coaches have to work hard to say … nothing!

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