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King Carl


  • To encourage players to enjoy and want to score from an early age.

  • To develop accurate shooting with both feet.


  • To see which group can score the most goals (if groups are uneven then make it how many goals can be scored with 20 shots).


  • Team is split in half - one group is the shooting group; the other retrieves the ball.

  • A regulation or small-sided goal is used (or cones if there are no goals).

  • The shooters start from 15 to 20 yards out opposite the goalpost.

  • The Server (Coach) starts from the side of the goal at the opposite post.

  • On the shout "Go!" the player at the front cone runs towards the Server and the Server plays a pass to the player who shoots for goal.

  • The shooter then returns to the back of the line.

  • After three shots by each player the teams change.

  • If possible use two goals (and therefore 4 groups) to increase the activity level and the number of shots per player.

  • Change the starting positions for the coach and the players as shown in the graphic to now come from the other side, which will encourage left footed shots.



  • Server/Coach must play an accurate and fastball to force the child to kick the ball instinctively. If the coach is not confident, use a rolled service by hand.

  • Encourage the children when playing the ball to use the right foot in the graphic example, but to have confidence to use the left foot when the practice is moved to the other side.

  • Coach biases the service according to the ability of the child. If one player is lacking in confidence or technique play a soft pass that will draw the player nearer to the goal and make it easier to kick. With stronger players play a faster pass.


  • Increase the speed of the service and the distance the shooter receives the ball from goal.

  • Work often on shooting with the less dominant foot (usually the left).

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