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Numbers Game


  • To develop good attacking and defending skills in a "fun game" situation. To use 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 as the learning process.


  • To outscore opposing team.


  • Use the 3-a-side Micro Soccer® field.

  • Widen the goals.

  • All players start on goal line.

  • Each player on each team is given a number.

  • Coach calls out number (e.g., "Three!") and rolls the ball into play.

  • The two opposing number "Three" players leave the goal line immediately and compete for possession for a maximum of 20 seconds.

  • Coach keeps some balls by him and so can roll another ball into play if one is kicked out.

  • Call two numbers - "One!" and "Three!" - to create 2 vs 2.

  • Remaining players defend goal without using hands and they must stay within one yard of goal line. Goals only count below knee height.

  • If one player fails to respond to the number, a penalty - a free shot at open goal from half-way line - is called to keep players on their toes and make it fun.



  • If organization is working, let them play, enjoy the game and learn by trial and error.

  • Encourage attackers to take on opponents and Go for the Goal!

  • Defenders should stay on their feet as long as possible, rather than slide-tackling.

  • Defenders must try to run back and recover even when beaten.


  • Two players coming out from each team encourages communication.

  • One must go to the ball while the other takes up a supporting position.

  • This, of course, all changes when the ball is passed.

  • The 2 vs. 2 attacking and defending situations are the basis of team play.

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