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Me & My Shadow


  • A fun warm-up that teaches dribbling, change of pace and direction.

  • Also encourages disciplined marking.


  • To lose the Shadow; conversely not to lose the Dribbler.


  • In pairs with a ball between two.

  • If there is an odd number make one a trio or coach joins in.

  • On a signal the player with the ball (the Dribbler) tries to lose his/her Shadow.

  • Shadow must be disciplined and persistent.

  • After a few seconds the coach shouts "Change!" and the Shadow becomes the Dribbler, and vice-versa.

  • Don't go for too long (30 seconds) as the activity is very demanding.

  • Introduce other pairs activities in between the runs, e.g., try to head the ball back and forth; play Keep-Up; play Nut Megs (ball is played through the legs of straddling partner).



  • Try to burst away from the Shadow by change of pace and direction.

  • Shadow tries to stay "touch tight."


  • Shout, “Change Shadow!” and Shadow has to join another dribbler (there’s going to be one who will be last so try to ensure they don’t feel they have failed).

  • Shout “Change Balls!” where the dribbler puts his/her foot on the ball and both the dribbler and shadow go for another ball.

  • Or, “Change! Change!” where the dribbler changes with the shadow, but now the former dribbler must find another player with the ball to shadow.

  • Add variety to the drill with your own ideas.

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