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Square Dance


  • To start practice in a lively way.

  • A fun warm-up that introduces and develops the fundamentals of dribbling.


  • Stay in the area with the ball and make no contact with other players or other balls.


  • Mark a square approximately 15 yards by 15 yards, depending on numbers.

  • Each player should have a ball.

  • If not, use the "Change Soccer" principle: half the players inside the square, each with a ball, the remaining half outside the square, without a ball. Trade places when coach shouts "Change!"

  • Players can dribble around anywhere within the square, but should not walk.

  • Three instructions are given to the players inside the square:

    • "STOP" - Put foot on top of ball quickly and freeze like a statue.

    • "GO" - Move right or left with the ball, fast, for three or four yards.

    • "TURN" - Quickly turn 180 degrees with the ball, moving three or four yards.



  • Encourage players to keep the ball close to their feet.

  • Occasionally insist on using left foot only or right foot only.

  • See how many different ways they can turn with the ball.

  • To avoid giving players too much information at once, introduce instructions one at a time and incorporate practice time between.

  • Later, incorporate your own ideas.


  • Use "Simon says..." or "Coach says..." to intensify the fun.

  • We have encouraged the teaching of various dribbling moves during the Square Dance and similar activities. We recommend Robbie Stahl’s video/DVD “All the Right Moves” as an easy-to-understand program for progressive dribbling moves. [Insert WOS link]

  • Refer also to the North, South, East and West exercises as well as the Square Dance Sharks.

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