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Indy 500


  • To create an exciting race around the outside of the "downtown core."

  • To work on left and right footed turns.


  • They all start at the same time and the objective is for all of them to get back to the pits in record time (stop watch out). Next time, try to beat the record.


  • This is a progression of the Downtown Cruising game (from the One-with-One program).

  • As differently than the illustration above, marker disks block off the downtown roads so the cars (kids) need to race around the outside roads.

  • They start from the pits and finish back in the pits.

  • No need to put in as many complicated markings as we have shown in the Downtown Cruising illustration. Four cones can mark the inside track, but do have marker disks for the outside so the children need to keep the ball under close control and stay on the road.

  • If they do go off the road, three quick toe touches on the top of their ball starts their engine and allows them back on the track.



  • Send them around clockwise and encourage them to make the turns with the outside foot (left foot).

  • Go counter-clockwise as well.


  • Extend the circuit.

  • Put in sharper turns.

  • Narrow the roads.

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