Micro Soccer


  • To give each player plenty of opportunity to kick the ball in a 3 vs 3 game.

  • To gain a fundamental understanding of the game of soccer.


  • To outscore opposition.


  • Field size 20 x 30 yards.

  • Six-yard "boxes," marked by cones or lines, within which each designated goalkeeper may handle.

  • Center line marked by cones/lines.

  • Each player takes a turn in goal for two to three minutes.

  • When ball goes out of play, game is restarted by:

  • Sideline - throw-in (or pass-in - opponents must stay 5-yards away.)

  • Endline - goal kick or corner kick (5-yard rule) depending on which player last touched ball.

  • After a goal, re-start with either goal kick or center kick (if center, opponents must retreat to own six-yard line).

  • In practice with numbers greater than six, either have two 3 vs 3, or if less than 12, have three teams with a separate practice operating and rotate in and out of the 3 vs 3 game.



  • This is the introductory session for Micro Soccer. You will need to show just what a Throw-In is, but don't get bogged down on the correct technique of the Throw-In just yet (this is covered in Mack 1 & 2 in subsequent sessions).

  • Encourage at least one player to go fully wide on goal kicks or when goalkeeper has ball in hands.

  • Encourage goalkeeper to move off line to support attacks or to intercept through balls (this will take time, too!).

  • Encourage players to pass, dribble and communicate with each other.

  • On throw-ins, encourage non-throwing attacker to look for a forward shooting chance - and not to go too close to thrower.


  • If you are using these lesson plans for the first time refer to the earlier Lesson Plans for ideas on progressions for the U11 age group.

  • Now is the time to introduce the “Bobby Howe Rule.” This condition that stipulates that a goal can only be scored by the attacking team if their own goalkeeper has moved out from the goal box (handling) zone. This encourages the Sweeper Keeper mentality.