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Noah's Lark


  • To combine the attack and defense in a challenging game.

  • To begin to understand the cooperation required in 2 vs.2 play.


  • One team vs. the other, also pairs to keep a count of goals scored and conceded.


  • Area 30 x 20 yards with goals eight yards wide.

  • 6 vs.6 (or whatever numbers), with partners assigned on each team: each partner given a number from 1 to 3.

  • Coach shouts number (1-3) and rolls ball into play.

  • The two pairs with that number come out of goal to compete against each other.

  • Remaining players must stay on goal line and defend goal without using hands.

  • Goal can only be scored below knee height.

  • When ball goes out of play, coach can immediately serve in another to same pairs - or allow pairs to go back to goal line.

  • Ball can be played back to "goalkeepers," who must play ball back with no more than two touches.

  • Do not let "goalkeepers" move out off goal line. Penalty kick from six yards out if they do.



  • When defending, one player should go to player with ball.

  • Supporting player must watch other attacker, mark the dangerous space and cover partner all at the same time.

  • Coach should encourage dribbling, passing and shooting to the "team" in possession.

  • Encourage "goalkeepers" to defend as a wall together, and to move as a unit to block shooting angle.


  • Two players coming out from each team encourages communication.

  • One must go to the ball while the other takes up a supporting position.

  • This, of course, all changes when the ball is passed.

  • The 2 vs. 2 attacking and defending situations are the basis of team play.

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