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Fab Fours


  • A four-a-side game to practice combination play.

  • Introducing the Diamond Shape of soccer.


  • To outscore the opponent.


  • Game is played in area 25 x 35 yards.

  • Goals are 4 yards wide and 5 feet high (corner flag height).

  • Halfway line and six-yard lines are marked; cones or markers define lines.

  • Eight players maximum per team (better with six); four players within the area and four resting.

  • Goalkeeper designated by each team may use hands only within six-yard area.

  • Duration of each period is two to three minutes; after each period all substitutes come on.

  • The objective is to have equal time on the field and in goal.

  • Game has corner kicks and throw-ins. Goal kicks should be taken from the 6-yard line. Opponents must retire at least 5-yards away from the goal kick and the corner kick.

  • After a goal, the team who did not score kicks off from center spot; scoring team retires to 6-yard line.

  • The number of periods for the game is decided by coach (try to work it to an "equal time" formula).



  • Be aware of the diamond shape (two wide players, a forward player and the rear-supporting goalkeeper).

  • Must all be making eye contact to combine successfully and score goals.

  • Defenders must try to get goal side of the ball after possession is lost.

  • Set up a concentrated defence in front of the goal.


  • Not applicable

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