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North South East West


  • Fun warm-up giving direction and urgency to dribbling activity.

  • A progression on the Square Dance theme.


  • If not near the goal that is designated, try to get past at least one player so as not to be last.


  • Mark a square approximately 15 yards by 15 yards, depending on numbers.

  • Four goals are put in about three paces in width on each line.

  • At first, only use the North and South goals so as not to confuse the children.

  • On the shout "North!" every player must dribble through the North goal and then make their way around the outside of the field to come back in through the South goal.

  • Once they become comfortable with North and South then introduce East and West. If they go through the East goal they must make their way around to re-enter through West goal and vice-versa.

  • As the children get used to the game, the coach can fool the kids, by pointing South and shouting "North!" or by running towards the East goal and shouting "West!"



  • Encourage the children to be alert and alive and to react quickly to the shout.

  • Try to be the first through the goal.

  • Keep ball under close control.


  • Instead of sending through North to South use a double shout, e.g., South East. Now they go through the South goal and re-enter through the East goal. Or North that means they go through the North goal and must go all the way around the field to re-enter through the North goal again.

  • To increase the tempo, when a goal is designated, e.g., West, they go through the West goal and get back into the filed as quickly as possible by re-entering from the side of the West goal. Then in can be West quickly followed by North and then South and so on.

  • Don’t forget this activity is very demanding so give them a rest or a skills challenge (see Square Dance progressions) after 30 to 40 seconds of N, S, E & W.

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