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GK Circle Game


  • To produce a fun, challenging game.

  • To develop goalkeeper throwing techniques.


  • The fastest time the team can knock down all the cones; or the first pair to score three (or four knockdowns or hits).


  • Find a mark on the field (or use a quarter) to make sure you know where the center is going to be.

  • Pace out from the center and put marker disks in for the four compass points of north, south, east and west, and then complete the circle.

  • The distances will depend on the age of the players (4- to 5-yard radius for 6- to 7-year olds).

  • Players partner up and go on opposite sides of the circle (coach may need to join in if there are uneven numbers).

  • Target cones are is placed in the center.

  • Initially everyone is trying to knock the cones over (with their throw) as a "team."

  • Then it can become more competitive as one pair tries to get 4 (or 5, etc.) knock downs before the others. As they become better, reduce the number of cones (eventually to one).

  • The reward for knocking over the single cone is that the successful thrower must put it back up on the center mark (kids will get a laugh out of that!).

  • Start with a rolled throw.

  • Later use the over arm throw.

  • Don't use size-4 or size-5 balls for younger players.



  • Bowl the ball as you would in a bowling alley.

  • Young players may need to support the ball with two hands until just before the ball is released.

  • Same with the over arm throw, support the ball with both hands, but encourage them to make the final part of the throw with one hand for greater power.

  • Do not let the practice go too long, as techniques can become sloppy through arm/shoulder fatigue.

  • When they show arm fatigue change it to the conventional Circle Game using the foot pass.


  • Not Applicable

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