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GK Ball


  • Fun game that gives good practice in throwing and catching.

  • Develops supporting play and appreciation of space.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Work in an area 30 x 20 yards approx. with full sized goals or five cones spaced 2-feet apart on the goal line.

  • If using full-sized goals, goals only count with balls rolled into goal.

  • If using cones, the team has to knock a cone over with a throw to score.

  • Ball can only be moved by throwing to team-mate. Players cannot run with the ball. All passes must be caught before touching the ground.

  • Opposition gets possession if ball hits ground from a misplaced throw or a mishandled catch.

  • Interceptions can be made by opposition; everyone can use their hands.

  • Partial interceptions can be disputed and claimed by either side by diving on the ball.

  • No tackling allowed - only screening.

  • 3-second rule. If one player is holding on to the ball the coach begins the count: "One, Two…" if the ball is not thrown before "Three" it is turned-over to the opposition.



  • Team in possession must support well.

  • All players should recover to own goal quickly after team loses possession.

  • Ball will need to be passed around in front of the "goals" to make an opening for the shot if the defending team has recovered well.


  • Increase the size of the field to encourage longer throwing and better support.

  • Put in more cones to make the goal larger.

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