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Zone Game 3v3


  • To develop combined offensive and defensive play in a 3 vs. 3 game.

  • To encourage attacking players to get on the "blindside" of the defense to receive a pass.


  • To outscore opposition.


  • Area 30 x 20 yards, with additional five-yard zones at each end.

  • Normal 3 vs.3 - but the only way to score is by "touch down" of ball with foot in end zone.

  • If ball goes out of play over end zone line or at side of end zone, defending team re-starts game with "goal kick" or "dribble-in" from end line.

  • If ball goes out over side line (not including end zone) play is re-started by "pass-in" (or throw-in if coach prefers).

  • Condition game to disallow any slide tackling.



  • The only way to score is by dribbling or passing into end zone - both methods should be encouraged.

  • Players attempting to score should screen ball from opponent as he or she "touches down" - to protect both ball and player.

  • Attacking player "off-the-ball" should try to steal into an attacking space on the "blindside" of the defense.

  • Defending team must work collectively to stop "dribbler," and at same time avoid being "blindsided" by pass.


  • Not Applicable

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