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Byte Size Coaching provides Clubs and Coaches the tools they need to succeed.

The Byte Size Coaching program is a self-serve coaching website containing a balanced and progressive curriculum designed to benefit the players and coaches alike. It is a fact that because of time-challenges more than 80% of coaches have no formal soccer coach training.

The curriculum is  targeted towards volunteer  coaches of players from 6 years of age (or earlier) to 11 years of age. These programs are usually operated by community soccer organizations as house leagues and rely on volunteer parent coaches, many of which are new to coaching and may not have played the game of soccer.

Over 60% of the children playing soccer in North America are under the age of 12. Paradoxically, over 75% of the coaches in North America coach this age group. How come? Small-sided programs are the basis of house league play and have one coach and an assistant or co-coach with squads of 6 - 8 players (as opposed to 11-a-side with squads of 14 plus players). As well, there is a high turnover of coaches in the younger age group. Byte Size Coaching provides Clubs & Coaches the tools to help reduce coach turnover by making the coaching of soccer a more rewarding and fun experience for the Coach as well as the player.

When using the practice plans and the many soccer activities don't be afraid of inserting your own ideas to make the games and activities more fun, more difficult, or simpler depending on the progress of your players. Use your imagination, be creative, design your own games or practice using these plans as a foundation.

Feel free to explore practice plans of older and younger age groups to build your base of ideas. Even professional teams still perform some of the practices found in the U7 plans because they are simple and provide a change of pace from the more complicated activities. This keeps the training environment in a state of constant change and that in turn, keeps players tuned in.

Learn to play... play to learn


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