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  • To build up the numbers on a side from the 3 vs. 3 and 4 vs. 4.

  • To gain a further understanding about combined play in more complex circumstances.


  • To outscore opposition.


  • Field size 30 x 40 yards.

  • Goal is 3-yards wide.

  • Can use goalkeepers (5-yard wide goal) or no goalkeepers (3-yard goal).

  • No goalkeeper, goals only count below knee height.

  • With goalkeeper, put in an 8-yard line from each endline for the handling zone and goals only count below head height.

  • When ball goes out of play, game is restarted by:

  • Sideline - throw-in (or pass-in).

  • Endline - goal kick or corner kick, depending on which player last touched ball.

  • After a goal, re-start with goal kick.

  • In practice with numbers of 15 or 16 make three teams and have 8-minute games. "Resting" team can play the Circle Game as they wait their turn.



  • On goal kicks encourage two players to go fully wide, left and right, and one player to go forward centrally giving a diamond shape and one midfield player at the center of the diamond.

  • Encourage attacking teams to always have a rear-supporting player. This will be the goalkeeper if you have one. If no goalkeeper the rear-supporting player should change if the rear player sees an opportunity to go forward.

  • Look at the use of the width, support and team shape in fluid play.

  • Try to get players in the habit of immediately recovering back into good defensive positions as soon as they lose the ball.


  • Not Applicable

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