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Chip n' Dale With Windows


  • To produce a team practice emphasizing good collective defending.

  • Also emphasizing good collective attacking.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Mark out area approx. 30 x 35 yards.

  • Two zones are placed on the end lines.

  • Squad is split into two teams, and each team is halved - one half on the field, the other in the zone.

  • Two coaches (or players) act as the “windows” on the outside line.

  • The “windows” are an outlet for the team in possession.

  • Goals only count if ball is chipped forward, then caught in the end zone without touching the ground.

  • A Zone player can dive out to an errant chip and punch/deflect it to a teammate in the Zone providing the ball does not hit the ground.

  • “Windows” when they receive a pass must kick or throw the back to same team.

  • Play for 3- or 4-minutes and then change Zone players with field players.




  • Instruct one player to hustle player with the ball, not to "dive in" and so prevent the "chipped shot."

  • Keep immediate support player alert to movement of other players, while maintaining the "first support" position.

  • Make defensive support player(s) aware of forward and diagonal runs, and be prepared to "track down" without sacrificing defensive "shape."


  • Tell players that accurate one and two-touch passing will break down defensive organization.

  • Make player on the ball aware that a fake or dribble can open up angle for chip.

  • Remember to take advantage of the outside outlet, but to look for space to receive the ball when “outlet players” are in possession.

  • Attacking players must react immediately when the ball is given up to the opposition to prevent the quick counter-attack (and the first-touch chip shot).


U11 Progressions

  • This is progressed later in the U11 plans by Chip n’ Dale with Windows.

  • If they are not being successful, use the Inside Out- Chipping activity in a future session to enable them to master the chipping technique.

  • This progression from the standard Chip n’ Dale to the game with side windows encourages players to find space to receive the ball.

  • It also makes players seek space to receive the ball when a “window” is in possession.

U12 Progressions

  • This challenging practice should be continued when moving into U13 and beyond.

  • Increases in difficulty as numbers on a side are increased.

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