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  • To set up fun relay activities that develops the skills of dribbling, turning and ball control.

  • To develop speed dribbling over short distances.


  • To be the first team to score three (but downplay the winning-at-all-costs mentality). Mainly … have fun!


  • Wherever possible work in teams of two (or three at the most).

  • Important to keep the activity level high.

  • Use cones and lines to set up the different types of relay:

    • Up to the cone and back again. Point for the first players back.

    • Up to the cone and do a complete circle and back.

    • Up to the cone and go round clockwise (left foot).

    • Do a figure of eight around the two cones.

    • And so on…

  • Pairs and Trios accumulate points as a team, but race individually.

  • Ball must be stopped on the line to count as a correct finish.



  • Encourage close control and tight turns.

  • Must be alert and alive.


U11 Progressions 

  • This is a stand-alone activity, but can be used on many occasions in the future as a fill-in or add on.

  • See Sprint Relays in the Head Tennis Tournament U12 Plans.

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