Shoot Out 4v4


  • A create fun goalkeeping situations that also require “smart” teamwork.


  • To outscore the opposition.


  • Set up two goals 10-yards apart (use full sized goal or cones, but make the width of the goals 8-yards).

  • Put in a center line.

  • Put in as many fields as needed.

  • Play 4 vs. 4.

  • Players are restricted to their half of the field.

  • Ball must be rolled or thrown in from the other half.

  • Goals only count if they are below waist height (or shoulder height as they become better).

  • Everyone is a goalkeeper.



  • Don’t be afraid of adjusting the field and goal size if you find it is too big or two small for the players.

  • After receiving the ball, encourage a quick counter attack to catch the opposition out of position.

  • The defending team should put out two players to block the attacking throwers at the center line.

  • The defending team will also need two goalkeepers on the line to defend the 8-yard wide goal.

  • If an opponent at the halfway line blocks the path for the throw at goal, a team-mate should support the player with the ball so the ball can be thrown to a team-mate who then throws for goal (if the other team has not got the block on).

  • Attacking team may need to keep throwing the ball to one another in their own half to make a clear opening for a throw at goal.

  • Good communication and quick adjustments of position make this an energetic and fun game.


U10 Progressions

  • This is the Progression from the 3 v 3 Shoot Out (allows two “blockers” and two “line” keepers.

  • Don't progress this game beyond 4 v 4 as it will reduce the level of involvement and activity for each player.

  • As they become better and older allow shots to be kicked or thrown and the height for scoring to be raised (waist height, shoulder height, head height, etc.).

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