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Circle Game


  • A fun center circle practice.

  • Developing accurate kicking.


  • The coach uses a stopwatch to set the "team" record of knocking all cones down. Later, winners are the pair to first knock over the cones 5 (6, 8,10) times.


  • Mark a circle having a center mark (line intersection; a coin; a scratched "X").

  • A center circle works well, but may be too big for young players.

  • 5-yard radius for 6-year olds; 6-yard for 7-year olds, etc.

  • Use marker disks to make a circle.

  • From center spot pace out the radius by going North, South, East and West. Then fill in the rest of the circle.

  • Each player on one side of the circle has a partner directly opposite.

  • If there is an odd number the coach joins in.

  • Each pair has one ball between them.

  • One player passes the ball towards his or her partner, but tries to knock over a cone in the center circle.

  • The partner retrieves the ball and returns the pass through the center circle, again trying to kick over a cone.

  • The ball must be passed from outside the circle.

  • The game is stopped when all cones are knocked down.



  • Encourage the players to use pace as well as accuracy of pass.

  • Suggest they continue to kick towards the ball even after they have actually kicked (follow through).

  • Encourage them to approach the ball at a slight angle to the direction they are kicking (45 degrees).


  • As the children progress slightly increase the difficulty of the game, i.e., smaller target, bigger circle, etc.

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