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This Way /

That Way


  • To learn at an early age without the complications of a challenge, the correct GK diving technique in 1-on-1 situations.

  • To prepare future goalkeepers to deal with for one of the most dangerous situations in soccer.


  • To learn the correct way of diving at an incoming player's feet that will protect the goal, but also protect the goalkeeper.


  • Set out the practice as shown in Graphic A.

  • If sufficient balls (one per player) work in pairs (Graphic A).

  • Try to keep groups as small as possible for greater repetitions.

  • Player facing the goal initiates the practiced by pointing to the ball "This Way" or "That Way."

  • In Graphic B the coach demonstrates by pointing to one ball.

  • You can see the good technique of the keeper in Graphic B.

  • However, it is Graphic C where we see the full drill:

  • Goalkeeper (at the front of the file) comes out and dives at the ball simulating the requirement in a real game.

  • The Pointer having pointed, runs to the ball indicated, but does not try to kick the ball.

  • The players then change.

  • Or if more than two players, move to end of file and wait their next turn.

  • Don't keep the activity going for too long, as it is basically a drill - a very important one nevertheless.



  • You can see the good technique of the keeper in Graphic B.

  • Hands must always lead, as they are the "protectors" and well as the "collectors."

  • Hands and head cover the near post and the body and legs cover the middle off the goal and the far post (in case they have to make a block in later years).

  • Goalkeepers have to come on a line inside the ball to enable them to dive outwards on their side - otherwise they are diving headfirst.

  • They must go down early and slide on their side into the collecting/blocking position.

  • If they go down late their legs will swing round and they may dive over the ball.

  • Watch for the player who "corkscrews" and swings around to dive on the wrong side of the ball, i.e., that the body and legs are outside the line of the near post.


  • Increase the distances between servers, goalkeepers and the ball.

  • Put the balls out wider.

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