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Crazy Warm Up


  • To start practice is a lively, fun way.

  • To get the children laughing.


  • Not to get tagged; or to untag oneself as quickly as possible.


  • Mark out an area 15 yards by 15 yards - depending on the numbers.

  • With a group of say 12, have 5 or 6 of the players with a ball.

  • Start with a game of soccer tag - the players with the ball can only untag themselves by hitting the leg or foot (i.e., below the knee with the ball), but the ball must be kicked.

  • Then the game is changed. Just four players have a ball and the ball is picked up. The rule is now that to tag someone the player with the ball must hit another without a ball below the knee. This time the player without the ball can protect his/her lower legs with the hands and arms.

  • Finally, a more conventional game of tag, where the player who is "It!" can tag any player within the square -- except for those holding a ball.

  • The idea is for those with a ball to follow "It!" around and throw the ball to a friend who is about to be tagged.

  • Should a player just hang on to the ball and do nothing then that player becomes "It!" (at the direction and discretion of the coach).

  • Similarly, if a player runs out of the area in an attempt not to be tagged that player becomes "It!"



  • Encourage the players to be alert and alive and looking all around so as not to be caught out.

  • Encourage the players with the balls to "hunt in pairs" to either tag someone or later to help the player who might be tagged and is looking for a helpful soccer ball.


  • Not Applicable

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